Equestrian & Livestock


Horse and Livestock transportation by air charter is another service provided by our experienced team at Air Charter Solutions.


Offering a worldwide competitive air transportation service with access to professional 'new technology' stalls and grooms for total equine and livestock air transport solutions.


This efficient transport service assures that your horses and/or livestock will arrive in the best possible 'stress free' condition.


Experienced with high level handling of multi-million dollar thoroughbred race horses, show horses and the mass transportation of livestock all over the world we understand the concerns of owners when air transportation is required.


We will only ever recommend and source experienced, professional and safe air carriers to undertake this most specialist of air charter services, so you can rest assured that quality and service is our top priority.


We strive to maintain the highest possible standards at all times and offer our partners the very best competitive solutions for their equestrian and livestock needs.


Our experience is your advantage.


Contact us now with your equestrian and livestock enquiry on: +44 (0) 1760 788 087