Hazardous & Dangerous Cargo


Hazardous and dangerous cargo is prohibited by air and can only be undertaken by specially approved carriers and by obtaining special permissions and exemptions from the necessary authorities at departure and arrival airports and indeed all necessary overflight airspace authorities for the whole route and duration of the flight.


Specialised air charter is often the safest solution for the transport for such dangerous goods, due to the necessary degree of security and safety required, when compared to the risks of other alternative ground transportation options.


Air Charter Solutions offers specialised and authorised carriers from around the globe to safely execute such 'special exemption' cargo charter flights. We can lliase with transportation companies and offer our expert guidance to ensure the highest possible level of safety standards when transporting such cargo.


We will ensure that every aspect of the flight is carefully and meticulously planned to avoid any oversight on behalf of our partners be it the carriers or the customers.


Our experience is your advantage.


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