Worldwide Oil & Gas Support


The oil and gas industry requires a certain minimum level of performance and understanding to be one of it's recognised suppliers.


Air Charter Solutions offers above and beyond the 'minimum' level of performance with an in-depth knowledge of the working practises pertaining almost solely to the oil and gas industry and the harsh working conditions that exist to bring us the worlds oil and gas reserves, fueling our everyday industrial world that we see around us today.


The level of commitment and investment made by these companies to explore new, often extremely difficult and dangerous avenues to keep the supplies flowing is unsurpassed by any other single industry in history.


We understand that commitment and offer our level best to match it when called upon to service the needs of the worldwide oil and gas industry.


Whether its research flights, crew transfer helicopters, crew rotation flights, urgent oil well, drilling, exploration or pipeline equipment.....general, express or outsize cargo to some of the most isolated places on earth, we are up to the task, and ready to perform.


Our experience is your advantage.


Contact us now with your worldwide oil and gas enquiry on: +44 (0) 1760 788 087