Airline AOG Support Services


When an aircraft has gone 'Tech', there is an 'Aircraft On Ground' (AOG) situation. This means that the aircraft has developed a technical fault during its scheduled service, be it passenger or freight, and is rendered unserviceable for continued safe operations.


The knock-on effects of an unscheduled AOG situation can rapidly escalate into a nightmare scenario for the airline operator and indeed for their passengers or freight.


Well prepared airlines have contingency plans built into their program so that any AOG situation can be corrected with the minimum of delay. There are times however when even the best laid plans fall short and an aircraft is caught in a prolonged AOG situation and in need of vital parts. Often these parts can be delivered quickly via means of schedule service flights, other times they cannot.


From complete engine changes to avionics systems and structural parts, our staff are experienced at offering complete worldwide charter solutions to ensure the swift delivery of the part(s) to your aircraft, anywhere in the world at a moments notice, ensuring that your aircraft gets off the ground and back into operational service with the minimum of disruption and delays to your schedule.


Our experience is your advantage.


Contact us now for immediate response to your AOG enquiry on: +44 (0) 1760 788 087