Worldwide Helicopter Sightseeing Tours


The world is beautiful.


When viewed from above the worlds cities and wonders take on new meanings as they form and blend into the landscapes that surround them.


Air Charter Solutions can provide helicopter sightseeeing tours around the globe, allowing you to take in the breathtaking sights that are otherwise hard to access.


From 'The Great Barrier Reef' to the 'Petronas Towers', 'The Burj Dubai' to 'The Great Wall of China', 'The Great Pyramids of Egypt' and 'Victoria Falls', from 'The Amazon Rain Forests' or the 'Islands of the Caribbean', 'The Hawaiian Islands' or 'The Grand Canyon' and every city in between, 'London, Paris, New York, Sydney or Hong Kong'.


Wherever you are, or wherever you are going, Air Charter Solutions can provide breathtaking helicopter sightseeing tours to make your time there that little bit more memorable and sensational.


Our experience is your advantage.


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