Worldwide Oil and Gas Helicopter Services


Global helicopter services play a vital part in the oil and gas industries ability to explore reserves and produce fuel supplies. For crew rotations, urgent supplies and emergency medevac services their simply is nothing else that performs as efficiently. In fact, it is the continual investment by the fuel companies which plays a pivotal and significant role in helicopter research, design, development, training and safety.


Oil and gas companies usually have there own 'preferred' suppliers for helicopter services and these specialist offshore helicopter companies have grown into some of largest and most respected helicopter operators and suppliers in the world today.  With strategic operational bases located around the globe, close to the offshore oil and gas platforms, offering dedicated services for the specialist helicopter needs of their clients.


There comes a time, however, when for whatever reason, be it exploring new areas or a trial project with a new company, or just simply extra capacity at existing sites, when the need for chartering or leasing a helicopter in for a project or specific job is required.


Air Charter Solutions can provide H24-7 cover for immediate worldwide charter response, or MedEvac situations as well as long or short term projects or leasing for the worlwide oil and gas industries..


Our experience is your advantage.


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