Medical Evacuation Services (MedEvac)


Air Charter Solutions offers specialist emergency MedEvac charters worldwide and is available H24-7 for any medical emergency that requires urgent professional air ambulance or air transportation services.


Experienced professionals in this field we can offer fast and effective MedEvac solutions around the clock and around the globe to ensure that any medical emergency or air transport requirement is dealt with quickly and correctly.


MedEvac services provide critical solutions and life saving options for patients in need of professional and immediate care.


From the initial call or enquiry we can determine the best course of action to be taken based on the specific needs of the patient. We will usually ensure that the patients doctor (if diagnosed) is completely in touch and satisfied with the air ambulance to ensure that the aircraft and professional medical team arrive with right equipment and specialists (if required) on board to offer the patient the best chance of success.


Now also providing MedEvac charter services for the offshore oil and marine industries


Our experience is your advantage.


Contact us now with your emergency MedEvac enquiry on: +44 (0) 1760 788 087