Search and Rescue


Air Charter Solutions experience with global disasters over the past decades gives us a working knowledge and understanding of the necessity and priority to deliver specialist Search and Rescue (S.A.R.) teams to the heart of any crisis worldwide.


S.A.R. teams are the 'first' priority flights into any affected region, their skills literally making the difference between life and death. The speed at which S.A.R. teams can be assembled and ready to 'move out' is imperative, as is the speed at which they can be transported around the world, usually by specialist air charter. S.A.R. teams come with a variety of specialist equipment, including dog teams, specialist vehicles and search equipment, all needing to be transported immediately into the theatre of operations. Our experience in this field means we can provide immediate solutions and assistance to expedite the arrival time of the team, to quickly get to those in need.


In a search operation (for a yacht or stranded climber etc) the worldwide emergency services provide excellent and professional capabilities in their own right along with satellite tracking, coast guard, mountain rescue and military S.A.R capabilities. Air Charter Solutions can provide 'extra' search capability in the form of a chartered search flight to assist in these operations, increasing the chances of a successful operation.


Our experience is your advantage.


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