Aid Agency Leasing Services


In the aftermath of any disaster, be it famine, disaster or civil unrest, the scale and destruction to human lives can start to be clearly seen. After only a few days without basic survival items things can start to escalate into massive problems for the already shocked victims, needing constant supplies to be kept warm, watered, fed and alive.


Even after the basics have been supplied the supply chain management of long term aid supplies starts to be carefully worked out. It's then that the worldwide aid agencies start to require long term leasing of helicopters and aircraft which can be effectively placed into the theatre of operations reducing the need for air charter and enhancing the aid operation to quickly get peoples lives back together again.


The equipment that is required is usually of a specialist nature with specialist capabilities (VTOL, STOL, high altitude or lifting capability) and often required to operate in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. Organising these operations requires experience and local knowledge for setting up of 'on-site' crew, maintenance, fuel and handling facilities as well as back-up procedures and of course all this has to be done as safely and as economically as possible.


Our experience is your advantage.


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