Oil Spill Response


Although every care is taken to avoid an oil spill, obviously planning for such a disaster is an obligation undertaken by the worlds oil producers and marine tanker operators, enabling fast and effective solutions to de deployed as quickly as possible.


With a range of products and services that can assist in the event of an oil spill, one major factor is 'dispersant', which literally 'breaks up' the surface oil making it easier to manage and cause less damage to the surrounding environment.


For many years now specialist aircraft have been equipped with 'dispersant spraying apparatus' for just such a scenario, making dispersant, low-level runs over the affected regions of water. Operators of such equipment are employed in a 'standby' mode at various key locations around the globe ready for any emergency response.


Wherever oil exploration, drilling, storage or tanker movements are taking place there is a risk. This risk is balanced by the implementation of 'standby response' stations and often requires the sourcing, negotiating and implementation of the correct operators to manage this task. Our team, having previous experience working for a major 'Oil Spill Response' operator is uniquely placed to offer independent advice and services to the oil and marine industry, providing competitive and effective solutions worldwide.


Our experience is your advantage.


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