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Regular users of private air charter services already understand the many benefits offered when compared to conventional scheduled services.


A scheduled airline service can only ever be as good as the timely operation and route to which it offers all of its passengers, of which you are just one, lacking any idea of personalised attention, privacy or any sudden changes. Often with long walks to airport check-in desks, lengthy security, immigration and boarding procedures combined with arrival, baggage claim, passport control and the picture is set for an arduous journey.


With the worldwide private air charter industry showing double digit growth figures, the importance and demand of personalised private air services is becoming more apparent and indeed more enhanced than ever before.


Private air charter offers you complete flexibility and peace of mind. With newer and more advanced technologies in aircraft performance and comfort a whole 'next generation' of aircraft have been developed to compliment this demand.


Air Charter Solutions Ltd offers worldwide personalised and discreet private air travel solutions, tailored to your needs, from small turboprops to 'Head of State' Heavy Jets.


Our experience is your advantage.


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