World Yachting & Sailing


Air Charter Solutions is a keen follower and supporter of world yachting and sailing events. As self proclaimed sailing enthusiasts, it's in our blood, as indeed is aviation.


Only those who have experienced a hull cutting and smashing through the waves, with the spray relentlessly crashing over the deck, and the sails 'humming' with the sheer immensity and strain of harnessing the full power of the wind, can appreciate.


The level of investment in technological research and development and the efforts of everybody involved in world class yachting makes it the amazing and astonishing sport that is today, and when things go wrong, it's often in the middle of the worlds oceans!


Air Charter Solutions experience in world yachting and the worldwide air transportation of yachts, teams and equipment affords to the teams complete peace of mind that we understand their specialist needs and that everything will be taken care of, above and beyond the normal call of duty, as if we were a member of the team ourselves.


We offer global support charters, with worldwide capabilities in supplying urgently needed supplies and replacement equipment, wherever it is needed, as quickly, efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.


Our experience is your advantage.


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