International Showbiz & Concert Tours


The Air Charter Solutions team is proud of its experience and expertise in showbiz events and concert tour charter operations worldwide.


Having been part of the successful planning, costing and operating of global air charters for the movement and world tours of 'Michael Jackson, The Eagles, Roger Waters, Take That' to name a few, it goes without saying that our experience, is considerable.


World concert tours are big budget 'high stakes' events with any number of things that can go wrong, and with tens of thousands of fans holding tickets, 'the show must go on'. As well as the movement of the performers and their entourage, sensitive equipment needs to be carefully packed, itemised, loaded onto the aircraft and delivered on time ready for the building of the stage and setting up of the equipment. After the event, it must all be taken down, packed and loaded precisely again, ready to move onto the next venue. Back-up procedures need to be in-place for any and every eventuality.


For us, it's a test of the highest possible standards in professional air chartering to constantly provide efficiency, competency and effectiveness to allow the on-time scheduling of the whole charter operation, within budgets. It's not just the performers who give a world class performance!


Our experience is your advantage.


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