Adventure & Expedition Charters


Over the years the world's pioneers have made previously out-of-reach regions now much easier to access, giving us the chance to experience 'once in a lifetime' moments that were simply unheard of only a few decades ago.


As this has happened our understanding of the world and how it works has changed with it and there is now a clear demand for accurate scientific research and studies to take place at some of the remotest regions on earth.


We can provide expeditionary air transport charter solutions to these remote regions for colleges, universities, charities, research institutes and private funded individuals alike. Specialist in sourcing worldwide and skilled local knowledge operators we can provide invaluable air transport charter solutions to make these events realised.


An adventure charter flight opens up the world like never before, for those searching for something different, that 'once in a lifetime' experience, seeing the hidden natural world and accessing remote, uninhabited places (explore glaciers, mountain ranges, remote and beautiful wilderness regions, jungle regions, deserts, African safari's, Australian outback, northern regions or polar regions) all accessible by experienced air charter operators and professional pilots from around the world.


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